“Pure O” – Reel Review

Short Dramedy
LOCATION: Dayton,Ohio, United States COMPLETED: July 2018

Purity, the lead singer of the newly signed indy rock band O, wakes up to begin the last day of her bands independence. These are some of the opening moments of “Pure O”, a quirky comedic drama written and directed by W.M. Weikart and BlueBeard Productions. As we follow Purity (Stella Singer) through her daily routines we meet an eclectic cast of family and friends that have differing opinions about Purity’s hobbies, the decisions she makes in her life, and who she is as a person. We also begin to find out that Purity has hidden issues that she is struggling with internally, and that she may have to make some tough choices in dealing with these struggles that will change her life forever.

Fantastic writing, an excellent soundtrack, and a great cast of very distinct characters are some of the elements that truly shine in “Pure O”. The dry wit that is sprinkled throughout the film provides some levity to the main through point, which is Purity trying to understand what is happening to her as she goes about her day. The great acting and character development in this film also help to balance the dramatic and comedic elements. Within a few seconds of meeting each friend and family member of Purity’s, we the viewer are almost instantly aware of their personalities and viewpoints on Purity’s situation as she interacts with them. I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention the superb music in the film. “Pure O” is set in the early 90’s and the grungy soundtrack really transports you back to that era.

I feel the illness that Purity is struggling with could have been better described at the end of the film. The version that I watched provided no info as to what Purity was actually struggling with. I just assumed it was some form of anxiety. To the films credit, it interested me enough that I visited the website and found out more about the illness from the films description. It’s a very minor gripe, but I feel that due to the serious nature of Purity’s hidden illness an actual description of what she suffers from could have been included at the end of the film itself along with some informative links that people could investigate. 

I loved this film! A day in the life of Purity’s world in the early 90s was perfectly captured through fun and thoughtful writing, quirky characters filled with personality, and great music.

Although I feel a better description of Purity’s illness could have been used at the conclusion of the film it did not hinder me from having a great time watching it.

5 out of 6 reels

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Director’s Bio

W.M. Weikart W.M. Weikart makes films with an overall frenetic style, combining subjects such a mental illness, existential psychology, and absurdist humor. He stretches the cinematic taffy as far as he can to take the audience through the amplified minds and worlds of his subjects. Raw, honest, and often hopeful, his films articulate the light and darkness contained within human nature, the human condition and the human experience.

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