Rainbow Row

This project began as a self-challenge. I took the following suggestions from three friends:
1. Nic White to write a hair metal song about rainbows,
2. Francis LaLonde to write a techno song about birds of Bigelow Park (Bay City, MI), and from
3. Leslie Campbell to write a Ska song about dog hair on everything.

This song was the result.

Photos by Mrs. W and by David Waldman

“Rainbow Row” lyrics and music © 08/29/17 by David M. Waldman (All Rights Reserved)

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David Waldman

David Waldman is a film writer, cinematographer, director, producer, actor, editor and composer. In addition, he is an unsigned singer/songwriter/arranger/performer with numerous original songs filed with US Copyright Office. He was born in New York City, NY. Musical Education: Waldman studied piano with Leopold Mittman at the Long Island Institute of Music in New York City, NY. He writes, arranges and records, and performs as a vocalist, keyboard player and upright bass player. He enjoys professional musical challenges and making music business contacts. Waldman enjoys writing both serious and comedic music.

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