Expected NonSense – “Ready Player One”

Hey gang!

O.G. Momo Pete Floyd here, and this week I’m going to give you my appraisal of Stevie Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

Going back to theaters and seeing movies the way they were meant to be seen is a true joy. It’s been a while. And this film is why we go!

A somewhat faithful adaption of Ernest Cline‘s novel of the same name, Ready Player One is a great popcorn movie if you will.

The movie takes place 20+ years from now where overpopulation and societal decline has left people seeking to escape reality in a total immersion VR world called the Oasis.

As with a majority of Spielberg’s movies, it’s special effects laden extravaganza. The opening sequence is a race through a constantly changing Manhattan featuring a modified Back to The Future Delorean, King Kong and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

The novel was a pop culture encyclopedia. It featured so many references to the things that made my childhood great. And while an honest attempt was made with the film to honor the spirit of Cline’s novel, do to licensing nonsense and so on, the movie changed or omitted key parts of the story that made it a great read.

But I’m also a book snob. I believe that attempting to translate the author’s imagination onto film usually fails. While Spielberg can usually put his spin on source material and create a blockbuster, he fell a wee bit short here.

Now I’m not saying it’s not a good movie, because actually it is. There’s plenty in the story that’s translatable to today’s society. In a world where people spend all of their hard earned money to upgrade their avatars in the Oasis, the correlation to living beyond your means is highly relevant to the America of today.

Also like usual, the theme of the broken family is ingrained in the story like in most of Spielberg’s movies. It become tiresome.

The young cast, who’s names really aren’t necessary for this review, do a good job at bringing to life a story that might have best remained just a book.

This is one for the theater as well folks. Kids will appreciate it much more than adults will. They will love seeing King Kong trash the streets of New York.

The ultimate goal the characters are shooting for, both protagonist and antagonist alike, made the book a worthy read. Reading the book challenged your imagination. Having it laid out for you here kind of detracts from the magic that made the book special. So if you are a reader, see the movie first. It’s still a good movie and great time with friends.

This one gets 3 out of 6 reels folks. I suggest taking the kids to see the looks on their faces when the massive climactic battle ensues that is a sensory overload of current and past pop culture.

Thanks for checking in gang…

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