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In the short film “Seed” by Somatoform Films we meet a young man named Ryan (Jeremy Gladen) whose mother dies of cancer.

After her death he is traumatized not only by her passing, but also by an unseen force that could change the course of human history forever. In this sci-fi/drama/horror film written and directed by Josh Kaukl, we are questioned with the idea that maybe some of life’s mysteries have more horrifying answers than we could have ever thought possible.

SEED TRAILER from josh kaukl on Vimeo.

In most short horror films I’m interested in seeing how they plan to build tension in such a small window of time. In “Seed” this tension is achieved not only by great acting performances and storytelling, but also expert sound design. The breathing of Ryan’s dying mother is used to great effect in the beginning of the film, really making you feel for the character and all of this is achieved within a minute of the film’s open. The creepy whispering that is used multiple times throughout the film is also disturbing and very unique in that I will always associate that sound with this movie.

A good science fiction movie should also ask questions of the viewer. “Seed” does this to great affect and will have you thinking about the ending far after the movie is over. However, due to the nature of leaving the audience with those questions, I feel that the film ended on sort of a cliffhanger. Although this is definitely not a bad thing, and probably intentional, it did leave me wanting a bit more from the conclusion.

4 out of 6 Reels

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