“SAM” Reel Review

For the month of July CinemaSlice has chosen to highlight the short sci-fi film “SAM” for the Indy Film Spotlight. Directed by Zac Deering, “SAM” follows a seemingly homeless wanderer, named Doc (Jarret Ross), as he scavengers the outer city for parts of an unknown project he seems to be working on. In an abandoned building he soon finds a stack of cardboard boxes where he discovers a powered down android (James Hudson). After getting the android back online we begin to learn more about Sam and find out he may be more than what he seems.

Zach Deering has been featured before in the Indy Film Spotlight with his film “Nano Addiction” and just like this previous film, “SAM” features the same stunning visual effects. It’s always a treat to see indie filmmakers take such care in making special effects believable with such a low budget. A lot of these films end up looking campy or cheesy, while “SAM” maintains its credibility throughout.

Another plus about “SAM” is the quality acting job done by James Hudson as the android Sam. During the 11 minute runtime of the film we witness Sam go through a variety of changes of various different emotions that Hudson handles very deftly.

By the end I wanted more of the character Sam, to ultimately see what happens to him, whether it be bad or good.

I had a lot of fun watching this action sci-fi short.

Certain themes in the film harken back to previous entries in the genre, such as “The Terminator” or “Blade Runner”. Although the movie travels down a well worn path as far as story, it’s still compelling enough to capture the viewer and maintain their interest till the very end.

4 out of 6 reels

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