This Indy Film Spotlight film is the Sci-Fi thriller, SAM (2016) by Zachary Deering. This is a classic short film for our July 2018 release from the Indy Film Spotlight Series!

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Log Line

“Programing > Intuition “



Struggling to survive on the outskirts of a large city, a washed up engineer finds a mysterious android with a sinister directive.  The machine appears to posses human thought and reason but that might not be enough to stop the android from completing their mission.




Directed By: Zac Deering


  • James Hudson as SAM
  • Jarrett Ross as Doc
  • James Hudson as S.R.A.
  • Michaela Romain as Official Girl

Editing, SFX, and Cinematography by Zac Deering

Costume Design by: Zac Deering, James Hudson, Jarrett Ross

Set Design by: Zac Deering, James Hudson, Jarrett Ross

Tag Phrases

“Sci Fi”, “SAM”, “S.R.A”

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