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COVID-9000 Comic

FREE COVID-900 Horror Comic

CinemaSlice and Marvin Maddicks presents a zombie virus comic, COVID-9000!


Ⓒ CinemaSlice • June 2020

Quarantine Filmmaking Soundtrack

FREE Soundtracks for your Quarantine films

This collection of original soundtrack music from CinemaSlice composers (Marvin Maddicks and Raksmey Ek) can be used on your quarantine film submission!

DOWNLOAD Quarantine Filmmaking Soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • March 2020

BLOOD ON THE LENS - Soundtrack

BLOOD ON THE LENS - Official Film Soundtrack

This collection of original soundtrack music from the CinemaSlice film, BLOOD ON THE LENS, by Austin-Michael Riley, Marvin Maddicks, Jr, and David Waldman.

BLOOD ON THE LENS - Soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • November 2019

SLASHER - Horror Comic - Soundtrack

SLASHER - Horror Comic Book - Soundtrack

This collection of original horror music by Marvin Maddicks, Jr, and accompanies 4 original CinemaSlice horror comic books!

SLASHER - Horror Comic Book - Soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • October 2019

The Electric Moving Picture Show - Soundtrack

The Electric Moving Picture Show - Soundtrack

This collection of original VAPORWAVE music by Austin-Michael Austin, created for the CinemaSlice web-series, TEMPS by Michael Welborn, is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Click HERE to download TEMPS - Soundtrack!

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • April 2019

ART LIVES ON presents Art Lives On: A Collection of Original Music by David Waldman

This collection of eclectic compositions is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Click HERE to download ART LIVES ON!

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • January 2019

The Music Mixtape Vol. 50 presents The Music Mixtape Vol. 50

This FREE soundtrack features original music by J Dirty, Kemikill, Josh Alvarez, Johnny Zuko, Chad Frey, Austin Schreiber, War Clown, and MORE!!

Click HERE to download The Music Mixtape Vol. 50!

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • November 2018


This FREE soundtrack features 13 original soundtrack music by Marvin Maddicks, Jr


Ⓒ CinemaSlice • October 2018

A Slice of Fright Soundtrack presents A Slice of Fright Soundtrack.

This FREE horror anthology soundtrack features 16 original soundtrack music from:

  • Austin-Michael Riley
  • Marvin Maddicks, Jr
  • Echos of BC
  • David Waldman
  • And More!

CLICK HERE to Download A Slice of Fright Soundtrack 

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • August 2018

Cinema Soundtrack Vol.1 presents Cinema Soundtrack Vol.1!

A collection of original soundtrack compositions by Austin-Michael Riley for the following films:

  • Cry for Paul
  • Curb Stomp
  • A Peculiar Fate Awaits the Earth
  • Creeps
  • AND MORE!!

CLICK HERE to Download Cinema Soundtrack Vol.1

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • June 2018

The Music Mixtape Vol. 42

CinemaSlice presents The Music Mixtape Vol. 42!

Songs and sounds by AVZTN, Quest the catalyst, XcomboverX, Damnednation, The 2nd System, Seritas, Szar, King Krimzon, Killsignal, Sprout and the Orange, Dr Satan, AVZTN, Dowsabel, AND MORE!

This Mixed Genre Mix Tape has something for everyone!

CLICK HERE to Download Mixtape Vol.42

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • February 2018

DARKLING - Original Sound Track

CinemaSlice presents he Original Soundtrack for the psychological thriller, DARKLING (by Michael Welborn), is now available for free download NOW! The warped and twisted mood of this original soundtrack compliments the film terrifyingly.

Songs and sounds by AVZTN, David Waldman, and Parth.

CLICK HERE to Download DARKLING Soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • January 2018

2017 X-Mas Music Mixtape

CinemaSlice presents a X-mas gift to you, the Slicers! The 2017 X-Mas Music Mixtape contains 13 X-mas songs, featuring modern renditions of holiday classics by independent artists, including: Johnny ZER0, AVZTN, Desiring Dead Flesh, Kid Crusher, David Waldman, Ray Elfman, Anchors Aweigh, Jason Bear Parth, and more!

CLICK HERE to Download X-Mas Music Mixtape

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • December 2017

Music Mixtape Vol. 36

CinemaSlice presents an audio compilation from some of our favorite independent artists of 2017. This carefully crafted mixtape, FEATURING MUSIC BY: Evil of Slaughterhouse, Savior Machines, Alphabetics, Randy Badour, Doogie, Tim, Dank Dirty Flowers, KillSignal, Seritas, Jake Buzzard, Story Book, DamneDNatioN, AVZTN, Johnny ZER0, Ghosts of Huron, David Waldman, Dub the Knucclehead, Lvl K, V-Sinizter, and VHS OST

CLICK HERE to Download Music Mixtape Vol.36

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • November 2017

Play Ground X - Season1 Soundtrack- Cover.png copy

Play Ground X - Season 01 - Soundtrack

CinemaSlice presents an audio compilation from Season One of the anthology series, Play Ground X. This compilation includes 24 tracks featuring selections from your favorite episodes, old timey radio advertisements, skits, and music from AVZTN.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Play Ground X soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • September 2017

Mixtape vol2

The CinemaSlice Mixxtape Vol. XX

CinemaSlice presents a compilation of your favorite Independent music from yoru favorite independent films! Featuring songs from: Tim the Band, Murder House Records, Jimi Kankelz, KillSignal, The XER0 Signals, Hokori, David Waldman, and MORE!!


Ⓒ CinemaSlice • August 2017


Terminal B Sountrack

CinemaSlice presents music from the Original Motion Picture, "Terminal B". Featuring futuristic music from AVZTN, Electric Otto, Joe Gibson, VHS OST, The Savior Machines, and More!
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Terminal B Soundtrack

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • March 2017


Terminal B - Poster Pack

We've prepared JPG on the Terminal B Movie Poster, AND 2 posters of Galaxy Gary, drawn by Ken Leniaar.

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • February 2017


The CinemaSlice Soundtrack Vol. 3

CinemaSlice has compiled music from some of our favorite original releases! This music compilation features tracks from AVZTN, Johnny ZER0 & PESO, Electric Otto's Funk Factory, Desiring Dead Flesh, Hunter S Compton, AudioMess, and Joe Gibson.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The CinemaSlice Soundtrack Vol.3

Ⓒ CinemaSlice • November 2016