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The SliceCast has seen several iterations over the history of

Today's SliceCast Format

The SliceCast is a podcast highlighting independent filmmakers and musicians, presented by CinemaSlice and The Farsighted, Hosted by thepaintedman.

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2018 April - The SliceCast #4 - Jason Morisette

2018 March -  The SliceCast #3 - August Aguilar ‎

2018 Feb - The SliceCast - Ep#2 - Michael Welborn

2018 Feb - The SliceCast - Ep#1 - Tonia Carrier

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Previous SliceCast Format

The SliceCast began as a long-format conversation between a filmmaker and host, edited by Nic White. See our first 4 episodes below.

The SliceCast - Sn01
Season 1 of the SliceCast is a series of interview with our favorite filmmakers! Brandon Guiles asks the questions to raise interesting conversations about creating awesome movies and videos!
The SliceCast - Ep04 - Knives Monroe
Brandon Guiles interviews Knives Monroe, a very talented filmmaker 2.0 and vlogger in Austin, TX.

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