Conversations with Strangers


In my own words, it means something like this:

You’re the John Wayne, Daenerys Targaryen, Han Solo, etc, of your life story. You are the main character. Your friends, your family, the circles of people directly involved in your life, those are your supporting cast. You know their names, their faces, birthdays, etc. Everyone else, we are the nobodies. We are the faces in the crowd. We don’t stand out. You pass us in traffic and pay no mind and give almost no thought to our lives unless something about us makes us a little different - like say a few lip rings. 🙂

However, for the other people that you pass by, the opposite is true for them. They are the Harry Potters, Dana Scully, and Rick Grimes of their own worlds. Their friends are their supporting cast, and YOU are the nobody.

Of course, you don’t see it that way now do you.

In this Documentary Series I'll attempt to bridge that gap. Me, a guy who suffers from massive insecurities and all sorts of other problems, and these other wonderful people who will share a few pieces of their lives with you and me. I hope you find it interesting and maybe it will encourage you to bridge the gap in your own life.

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