Art Lives On – “A Pause in the Disaster”

Late in August 2018, I asked Facebook friends to state their favorite musical genres. Among the genres mentioned were: funk, contemporary jazz, swing, folk, and Motown. I set about writing a musical work with elements of all 5 suggested genres. Originally, I was going to call it “Disaster”, which I assumed would be the new genre created by this musical effort. As the piece turned out better than expected, I’ve called it “A Pause in the Disaster.” See what you think, and share it if you like.

David Waldman

* Credits:

Song: “A Pause in the Disaster” video and music © 09/07/18 by David M. Waldman All Rights Reserved

Image Credits:

  1. Opening or closing screen: Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash
  2. Funk: Photo by Vlad Shalaginov on Unsplash
  3. Contemporary Jazz: Photo by Diego Sulivan on Unsplash
  4. Swing: Photo by Jeremy Attwood on Unsplash
  5. Folk: Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash
  6. Motown: Photo by Glen . on Unsplash