A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Fest – 2019 Sponsors

As the leaves begin to change colors, and the darkness overtakes the daylight, CinemaSlice is preparing to present short horror films from around the world!

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 is the 2nd annual A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Festival at the State Theatre in Bay City, MI!

We want to take a moment to thank all of the awesome businesses that have taken their time to support CinemaSlice by sponsoring A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Festival 2019!


Sticker StAsh Customz offers custom services such as but not limited too:Stickers, Decals, Banners, T-Shirts, Flyers, Business Cards, Sublimation printing, CBD products, Glass bowls & other Glass products, Tobacco products and much much more!!!!

Sticker StAsh Customz produced an 8’x10′ banner for A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Fest!


IWantPins creates custom pins, keychains, & more!

IWantPins produced custom collectible festival pins for A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Fest!

Horror-fix.com is an awesome Horror News, Reviews and Exclusive Content site!


Ash Hamilton was a Juror for A SLICE OF FRIGHT FEST, and also helped with event promotions.

Friends of the Historic Masonic Temple is another great sponsor!


The Friends of the Historic Masonic Temple is dedicated to the mission of preserving and restoring the building we are housed in while working to establish a community school for the arts within. 

The Friends of the Historic Masonic Temple were kind enough to provide spooky volunteers for the event.

And The Farsightedblog.com is helping out with promotions!


We want to thank all of the sponsors for A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL– for helping CinemaSlice to showcase over 30 independent Films, and supporting independent Cinema!!


Encore Scare


For any Slicer that has been living under a rock, A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL 2018 was Cinema’s Slice’s first ever film festival event (named after the CinemaSlice short horror anthology series) which took place in Michigan on October 13th, 2018.

CinemaSlice has teamed up with Festivault to bring an exclusive online-only encore presentation of A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FEST to the World!

That’s right! All of the creepy, gorey, twisted films showed at the State theatre last October can now be viewed online this December 14th – 21st! Just log on to Festivault.tv, buy an online ticket, and stream all of the films from the comfort of your movie lair!

That’s 22 short horror films, as well as the docu-thriller, The Monster With 21 Faces!

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Hell’s Half Mile 2018 – Day 1 – “Funny Story” – Reel Review

Hello, Slicers! Mark Kelly here reporting from the 13th annual Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival in Bay City, MI. Throughout the weekend I’ll be giving you many, many reviews of the films that I will be watching during the festival. “Funny Story”, a comedy directed by Micheal Gallagher, was the film chosen to kick off the fest on opening night and what a fantastic choice it was.

Funny Story” has a few amazing plot twists so I feel a very vague synopsis is in order. We meet Walter (Matthew Glave) who is driving Kim (Emily Bett Richards) to a retreat to meet a friend, Walters own daughter Nic (Jana Winternitz). Before I get to what I personally thought of the movie I need to stress that although my synopsis may seem very unexciting it is because YOU DO NOT WANT THIS FILM SPOILED FOR YOU!

Funny Story” was an amazing movie on all fronts. The writers (Micheal Gallagher, Steve Greene) work together in such a way that you get a comedy that not only has great laughs but laughs that are meaningful in developing the characters. This character development, along with the great acting, make the plot twists and heavy emotional moments later on in the film feel that much more impactful.

I give this film 6 out 6 reels.

The Hells Half Mile Film Fest rolls on and I will continue to provide coverage of the event throughout the weekend. So if you live close by, and want to experience some awesome independent music and cinema, come on over and experience one of the greatest festivals Bay City, MI has to offer.

Hell’s Half Mile 2017

Hello CinemaSlicers!

My name is Mark Kelly and I am going to be attending the 12th annual Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival in the lovely City by the Bay (Bay City, MI). Throughout the weekend I will be providing reviews and reactions to the sights and sounds that I experience and share them with you at CinemaSlice.com.

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