SLASHER – Soundtracks/Comic

CinemaSlice is excited to announce a new project in collaboration with Slicer Marvin Maddicks from Nightmistful Comics to present: SLASHER!

SLASHER is a 4-part horror comic mini series, and includes original horror soundtrack music to help set the mood for your read– All put together by the uber-talented Marvin Maddicks!

Issues will release every Friday in November, and the full collection, along with full music sound track will be available for free download at the end of of November, 2019!

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Meet the Slicer: Marvin

Sup Slicers!?

It’s time to introduce another Slicer to the world! It’s our pleasure to continue working with the uber-talented Marvin Maddicks, Jr! Marvin is an illustrator and musician, and has create CinemaSlice Comic Books, Audio Compilations, and film scores for CinemaSlice films!

The last year or so has produced numerous awesome collaborations opportunities– and the future will doubtlessly only bring more quality projects!

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A Slice of Fright – “Love Sick” Comic Book

Sup Slicers!? is proud to announce our third ever COMIC BOOK RELEASE!! This comic book is part of a short run of digital comic books based on our horror anthology series, A Slice of Fright (or in shorthand: SoF), and produced by Marvin Maddicks, Jr of Night Mistful Comics

This third installment is from the short film, Love Sick, written, shot, and directed by Nic White, starring Ian Squintz and Stephanie Fiest.

Marvin’s unique art-style lends itself to the bizarre story of Love Sick —

and we look forward to further collaborations to come!

Without further ado, we present to you, the CinemaSlice comic book: Love Sick!

Click here to download the free PDF!

And check out the full episode below:

A Slice of Fright – “JackPot” Comic Book

A Slice of Fright creepy-comic-book series by Marvin Maddicks continues!

We’re honored and humbled to present to you the FREE PDF of the comic book based on the CinemaSlice horror anthology episode, “JackPot”!


And check out the full episode below:

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