Art Lives On – Episode 5 – “Possum on the Hill”

I’m proud to present the 5th song in my CinemaSlice series, Art Lives On!

Recently, my wife asked me to come to the back livingroom window to identify the critter that was terrorizing our backyard squirrels and eating the sunflower seeds which she had set out for them. The critter turned out to be an opossum. As luck would have it, I had my camera set up in the living room and began filming our unexpected guest. While filming, I thought of a comedy country song that I had written in 2002 called “Possum on the Hill.”

After a search, realized that I still had the music track, but no vocals saved in my music software program or anywhere else. So, after our visiting opossum had his fill of sunflower seeds and left the backyard, I recorded a new vocal track. I then imported the camera footage and the music mixdown into my video program and created a music video for my YouTube channel,

I’m already married. So, without further “I do,” I’m pleased to share the music video “Possum on the Hill” this month (May 2018) as part of my “Art LivesOn” series for

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