My Top 5 Vampire Movies

I want to make it clear right away. This is my top 5, not the top 5 period. There are many hardcore horror fans that will see this list and laugh at its lack of depth. I honestly don’t care. Go look at the endless lists that either end in Nosferatu or Bela Lugosi’s Dracula as the number one. Really go do it, I will wait. It’s literally like every one of them out there. I’m not here to kiss cinema ass, just give a straight answer of my top 5 vampire movies so lets kick it!

5. 30 Days of Night

For anyone who has seen this movie it’s easy to see why it made the list. The slaughter scene is easily one of my favorite moments in horror period. As the camera soars over the once sleepy Alaskan town we see the chaos unfold as crimson sprays upon the snow. The vampires go house to house taking the lives of each and every family. That’s when we realize that they are not hunting for food but for fun. With the sun not shinning for 30 days they have the run of the town and have no plans on leaving a single survivor. The terror of that is beautiful and they did a great job capturing it in the slaughter scene.

I can’t leave this movie without talking about the scream that the vampires make. That ghastly inhale sucking shriek. How many of you tried to do it after watching the movie? Show of hands please. This guy right here sure as hell did. I practiced it in fact until I could mimic it perfectly and would unleash it in parking lots late at night. I will never forget the time I scared the crap out of the lady at Walmart who turned around swinging hahaha. Ahh to be a 16 year old asshole again… now i’m just a asshole!

4. Blade

Yeah yeah yeah, holy shit Nate is mainstream as heck. No, I am being honest unlike you. I know ya’ll put a pair of black shades on and pretended to be Blade cuz I know I sure did. I was 7 when this came out and got to secretly watch it in all of its ass kicking glory at a friends house. Your damn right we jumped from couch to couch pretending to be Mr. Snipes staking vamps. Continue reading “My Top 5 Vampire Movies”