The CinemaSlice “Reel” Rating System

CinemaSlice has decided to consolidate our rating system.

The CinemaSlice Reel Rating System is a 6-point scoring metric. The purpose of our new system is to get all contributors aligned on the same page, so to speak. That is to say, we, the collective contributors of, are resolved to all use a single unified rating system when writing reviews! And, we don’t use half reels– cuz thats a cop-out!

Check out the simple break-down below:

6 – Reels 
Highest recommendation. A full boat! A perfect score! STOP WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS ARTICLE, AND GO SEE THIS FILM, NOW!

5 – Reels 
Strong Recommendation. Highly recommend this one! Not quite the alpha, but definitely the right hand man. SKIP THE ‘WATCH LATER’ LIST, AND CHECK IT OUT TONIGHT! Continue reading “The CinemaSlice “Reel” Rating System”