The Gem and I

by David M. Waldman
Every now and then I come across a morsel of online media that grabs me in lower frontal lobes and makes me wonder where I’ve been and why I haven’t heard this gem of creativity before. I recently had such an experience. As a great fan of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack and of more parodists than I care to mention, I was excited to hear for the first time, and have subsequently returned on other occasions to listen to, “I GOT YOU (and you got me)” by Ferran Snotra (Rev. Spike Beasley). With prominent bass, drumset and a faint piano, it’s a sound to which you could lindy hop . But don’t! Instead, just kick back an enjoy “Ferran Snotra”, a.k.a. Thomas Ferranti’s send up of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Move over Swoonatra! Say welcome to the new Chairperson of the Board!

As is often the case, when one finds such gems, a greater exploration of Ferranti’s talents are not far away. Indeed, it turns out that he is multi-talented, as may be seen in this video of his voice acting skills, entitled “Thomas Ferranti: 16 Voices (out of 100+) and short acting demo reel.” Independent filmmakers should keep this guy in mind for challenging projects.

And finally, I LOVE this video that by Ferranti, entirely because it is ANNOYING!!

Submitted on Labor Day, 2017
About the Writer: David Waldman is a cinematographer, composer/arranger/performer, writer, and sometimes critic living on the back of his right hand where the 4 fingers meet the thumb. Michiganders will understand this. 

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