My Top 5 VHS Tapes

The inevitable time has come again when something old is cool again. No i’m not talking about those pair of JNCO jeans you’ve been holding on to, i’m talking about them sweet sweet VHS tapes. Unless you are a VHS elitist then you have probably long stopped caring about tapes. It’s dead media unless you are part of the few that stayed or the ones returning to the format. I for one mainly collect horror tapes (horror anything for that matter). There were many movies that were left behind and never got to make a transition to DVD. Though finally we are starting to see some of them being produced on Blu-ray. This is not a top 5 of my VHS only movies, just a top 5 of my favorite movies on VHS in my collection. Lets GOOOOOO!

5. Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988)

Roddy Piper was and still is a badass. They Live has to be one of my favorite sci-fi flicks of all time. I stumbled upon my copy of this film at my local Goodwill. Someone graced their entire VHS horror collection on to the store. I was lucky enough to stop in on my lunch break and by chance I found what was left of it. The lady working the counter said there had been a lot more, but it was mostly picked over.

This gem takes place in the post apocalyptic future where infertility runs rampant. Sam Hell (Roddy Piper) is a prisoner of the women who run the USA after the nuclear war. He is tasked with mission of rescuing a group of fertile women from a group of mutants that resemble frogs. Attached to his junk is a bomb that they will detonate if he strays too far. It’s is all a parody of Snake Pliskken pretty much lol.

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Top 5 Torture films

In honor of Halloween, I’ve decided to write a list of my top 5 torture films!

As I researched my memory for ‘torture porn’ films I’ve enjoyed, I began to think of some of the more extreme examples– ABC’s of Death, Cannibal Holocaust, A Saberian Film, etc. — And frankly, I’ve realized I have limits! (Woah!) I prefer my torture films to be gorey, but fun!– both disturbing and surreal.

I decided not to include hyper bloody horror films such as Dead Alive, House of 1000 Corpses, Return of the Living Dead, etc– but rather those films that make you[me] uncomfortable, and at the same time, begging for more.

5. Hostel (2005)

Eli Roth broke into the genre with Hostel.
Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
Various rich sadists are involved in a sinister secret society called, Elite Hunting. Here they are free to select from a room of torture tools, and get their jollies torturing blind-sdied tourists!

4. Saw (2004)

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My Top 5 Vampire Movies

I want to make it clear right away. This is my top 5, not the top 5 period. There are many hardcore horror fans that will see this list and laugh at its lack of depth. I honestly don’t care. Go look at the endless lists that either end in Nosferatu or Bela Lugosi’s Dracula as the number one. Really go do it, I will wait. It’s literally like every one of them out there. I’m not here to kiss cinema ass, just give a straight answer of my top 5 vampire movies so lets kick it!

5. 30 Days of Night

For anyone who has seen this movie it’s easy to see why it made the list. The slaughter scene is easily one of my favorite moments in horror period. As the camera soars over the once sleepy Alaskan town we see the chaos unfold as crimson sprays upon the snow. The vampires go house to house taking the lives of each and every family. That’s when we realize that they are not hunting for food but for fun. With the sun not shinning for 30 days they have the run of the town and have no plans on leaving a single survivor. The terror of that is beautiful and they did a great job capturing it in the slaughter scene.

I can’t leave this movie without talking about the scream that the vampires make. That ghastly inhale sucking shriek. How many of you tried to do it after watching the movie? Show of hands please. This guy right here sure as hell did. I practiced it in fact until I could mimic it perfectly and would unleash it in parking lots late at night. I will never forget the time I scared the crap out of the lady at Walmart who turned around swinging hahaha. Ahh to be a 16 year old asshole again… now i’m just a asshole!

4. Blade

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