CinemaSlice Mixtape Vol.42 – Review

The CinemaSlice Mixtape Vol.42 has been released and once again its a solid compilation of songs showcasing the amazing talent that the featured independent musicians possess. The genres included in this music compilation cover a wide spectrum from everything to Deathcore, Metalcore, Metal, Stoner, Horrorcore, Hip-Hop, Ambient, and even some Acoustic.

This album series prides itself on being eclectic and this installment delivers once again.

Being a fan of the band Clutch, I’d have to say that one of my favorite tracks would be “Search and Seizure” by Seritas. Slow, driving, and methodical this song was right up my alley. “The Melodic Undertow” by KillSignal was another standout for me. With all the different new flavors of metal coming out seemingly everyday, it’s good to hear someone representing the roots of the genre. I also enjoyed “Morning Sun” by Quest the Catalyst & Chase Passion. A lot of the album skewed a little dark in tone and to end on a lighter more upbeat tune was perfect.

Personally, some of the darker, ambient tracks didn’t do much for me. I recognize that they were very well done, but I didn’t find myself wanting to come back to them after a couple listens. If you’re into that genre of music, however, I would suggest giving the dark and disturbing “Griever” by SZar a listen.

JerkSauce” by XcomboverX, “No One” by The 2nd System, and “Gunslinger” by Skull Chin Spaz are some Honorable Mentions from me, just a few more tracks not to miss out on.

I definitely would recommend picking this compilation up and giving it a listen! It’s best feature is its diversity!

If you’re looking to broaden you’re musical interests, this album is for you!


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