“The Poker Table Observations” Reel Review

11 mins

Dramedy by Classy Dog Pictures / Patrick Neff

Just another night playing poker with the boys. This is the setting for CinemaSlice.coms Indy Movie Spotlight film for August “The Poker Table Observations”, written and directed by Patrick Neff. In this comedy short we get to look in on the often hysterical insights and observations of a group of friends playing poker as they explore topics such as their personal lives, the opposite sex, and cliches that they find ridiculous in various movie genres.

Following in the footsteps of “Seinfeld” or “Clerks”, the “The Poker Table Observations” is essentially about nothing. What it lacks in plot, however, it definitely makes up for in direction and being able to uniquely define each character that we meet. The camera pans in such a way around the entire poker table that it allows us to be totally enveloped and engaged in the scene that we are in. This camera work does a great job introducing us to the characters and, along with the writing and acting, helps us to know each poker player very well by the end of the film considering the 10 minute runtime. The writing is on point and very funny, particularly the observations about the movie cliches, and is another plus to a film whose success lies on how well the characters are written and developed.

One critique I have is that some of the humor is very funny to a specific audience and could very well be construed as not funny to everyone. This should not be surprising, however, given the setting of the film. The movies main purpose is not to offend and as long as people know what they are getting when seeing this film, I’m sure they’ll have an enjoyable time.

This is the sort of short film you can flip on with your buddies over a cold one… or 3!

The Poker Table Observations” is a cleverly written and directed comedy. It’s great camera work and interesting characters will keep people watching and, while it’s humor may not be for everybody, it’s jokes on movie cliches are hilarious. I recommend everybody should give this a watch.

4 out of 6 reels.

Stream the full film at http://cinemaslice.com/poker/


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