My Top 5 Vampire Movies

I want to make it clear right away. This is my top 5, not the top 5 period. There are many hardcore horror fans that will see this list and laugh at its lack of depth. I honestly don’t care. Go look at the endless lists that either end in Nosferatu or Bela Lugosi’s Dracula as the number one. Really go do it, I will wait. It’s literally like every one of them out there. I’m not here to kiss cinema ass, just give a straight answer of my top 5 vampire movies so lets kick it!

5. 30 Days of Night

For anyone who has seen this movie it’s easy to see why it made the list. The slaughter scene is easily one of my favorite moments in horror period. As the camera soars over the once sleepy Alaskan town we see the chaos unfold as crimson sprays upon the snow. The vampires go house to house taking the lives of each and every family. That’s when we realize that they are not hunting for food but for fun. With the sun not shinning for 30 days they have the run of the town and have no plans on leaving a single survivor. The terror of that is beautiful and they did a great job capturing it in the slaughter scene.

I can’t leave this movie without talking about the scream that the vampires make. That ghastly inhale sucking shriek. How many of you tried to do it after watching the movie? Show of hands please. This guy right here sure as hell did. I practiced it in fact until I could mimic it perfectly and would unleash it in parking lots late at night. I will never forget the time I scared the crap out of the lady at Walmart who turned around swinging hahaha. Ahh to be a 16 year old asshole again… now i’m just a asshole!

4. Blade

Yeah yeah yeah, holy shit Nate is mainstream as heck. No, I am being honest unlike you. I know ya’ll put a pair of black shades on and pretended to be Blade cuz I know I sure did. I was 7 when this came out and got to secretly watch it in all of its ass kicking glory at a friends house. Your damn right we jumped from couch to couch pretending to be Mr. Snipes staking vamps.

The opening club scene will be forever ingrained in my head. When the jams kicked up and the blood started spraying from the sprinkler system. Pure genius and one hell of a visual. It was the first time I got to see a anti-hero in action as he fought goon after goon. It opened my door back into Marvel and after watching it I really got into reading The Punisher War Journal series. Blade made me feel like I didn’t have to be perfect to be a hero and that’s a great message for a kid… even though it wasn’t exactly a kids movie lol

3. Near Dark

This movie is a vampire love letter written to me I swear. My all time favorite franchise is Alien. Bill Paxton, Lance Henrikson and Jenette Goldstein in a vampire flick oh my lawd! I stumbled across it about 5 years ago when I was still living in my apartment. At the time I had two full sized book shelves that kept my over 600 dvds on display. I grabbed it at a local resale store and didn’t even realize it was Bill Paxton on the cover till I got it home. After watching it the first time it immediately went to the top shelf where I had my favorites section where it sat along side The Goonies and Sandlot.

The beginning sucks you right in even though there is no action. It’s something I can’t explain but you have to see for yourself. It makes you really think that maybe this movie is only a romance between Mae and Caleb. Then Paxton flips the whole thing with his outstanding performance and your sent on this wild ride with the whole crew. The chemistry between Jenny Wright and Adrian Pasdar by the way is something else. Do yourself a favor and give this movie a watch. 

2. Queen of the Damned

It was really hard not to make this my number one vampire movie on my list. I spent a good year falling asleep to this movie every single night. As odd as it sounds this is a comfort movie for me haha. It took being a vampire to a rock star level. Sure it didn’t have much in common with the actual book but vampires were never sexier. However I could never and still can’t get into the Interview With The Vampire movie.

Lets be honest, the soundtrack for this movie is what really makes it special and ties it all together. Jonathan Davis did one hell of a job getting all the talent together to get around his contract with Sony. There are people that will agree the soundtrack is good and then there are those that are just wrong. Also I think we would have definitely seen another film with Aaliyah as the queen if it wasn’t for her unexpected death. RIP Queen

1. Lost Boys

Crrrryy, little sisssterrr! THOU SHALL NOT FALL! Man that gets me every single time and it just keeps getting better every time I hear it! Where do I even start with Lost Boys? Well when I was a boy I used to pretend I was a monster hunter. When my friends would come over on the weekend and we would run all over our property pretending to hunt them down. Lost Boys gives me that feeling of being a kid again every time I watch it. There are very few things that can give me this feeling still but Lost Boys is one of them. Oddly enough I can really relate with The Frog Brothers lol.

I know I can’t be the only one who wishes they could of been in Michaels shoes. Sounds weird but I kind of wished I was a vampire as a kid. NO it wasn’t for the whole bloodsucking thing either. It is that pure sense of FREEDOM that radiates from them. Except for the whole no sunlight thing…. that kind of defeats the freedom point I was making but still.

Everything about this movie screams 80’s and I never get tired of watching it. My girlfriend might give you a different opinion on it though lol.

Honorable Mentions


Check out the CinemaSlice throwback Vampire Trailer for the faux film, “The Hemo Goblin”.

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