Tuesday Night Flamingo Fight – Reel Review

The first season of CinemaSlice.coms Indy Film Spotlight is in the books and we end this fantastic series of films with the wildly inventive action comedy “Tuesday Night Flamingo Fight”.

Written and directed by Josiah Wood, “Tuesday Night Flamingo Fight” begins with two young girls telling each other stories of prince and princesses in faraway lands. Well, at least one girl is telling a tale. When the other girl, who seems disinterested and extremely bored, gets a turn to tell her story we find out that she has very different interests then her friend. What we get next is a narrative that is equal parts entertaining, hilarious and disturbing. 

This film works well on so many levels.

The acting and direction are top notch, but the overall concept is what really shines. The idea of telling an action/dark comedy with a bit of thriller elements mixed in all told through the eyes of a young girl, is exceptionally creative. Our preconceived notions are tested throughout the movie as she tells a story that would seemingly be interesting only to a male oriented audience. However some absurd elements start to show up, such as men fighting like flamingos, that remind us that it is, in fact, a small child telling the tale. This unique story along with the great direction and acting all combine to create a film that is ridiculously fun to watch from beginning to end.

I feel as if this film truly nails what it is intending to pull off in every aspect. I can’t think of anything in particular that I didn’t like about this movie. If you’re a person that doesn’t tend to watch comedy that leans more toward the absurd, I guess then I would say that this film wouldn’t be for you. This is more of a personal preference issue, however, than it is a critique of the movie.

Tuesday Night Flamingo Fight” is an entertaining end to season one of the Indy Film Spotlight. With its great concept and the perfect implementation of that concept we get a wildly entertaining movie that is filled with genuinely hilarious moments.

6 out of 6 reels.

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