Underground 35 Reel Review

After two decades the iconic underground horror film “What’s in the Basement” is being rereleased in theaters. The movie is very niche and sparks the interest of local actor Eric(Eric M. Boso), who decides to attend a showing. After being stood up initially by his date, Dani(Danielle Talbot), Eric agrees to a later showing and waits for her in the lobby. He soon meets two of the theatre’s employees, the sarcastic and snooty Megan(Emily Hoffman) and the downright strange Seth(Daniel Alan Kiely). Around this time Eric begins to realize that something is not right. Maybe it’s the old theater giving him the creeps or the back story behind the horrifying “What’s in the Basement”. Whatever it is, Eric isn’t prepared for the events that are about to unfold.

Underground 35 is a short horror/suspense film that also adds in a fair bit of comedy. Directed by Eric M. Boso & Derek Stewart, Underground 35 tells of a horrible event that befalls a group of theatre goers. One of the elements Underground 35 nails is in the direction. The camera movements are smooth and natural. The movie within a movie aspect is also well done. It captures the feeling of actually being in the theater and experiencing the events as they unfold. The character development is great with each character having their own distinct personality. Eric M. Boso does a fantastic job in the lead role, giving Eric a natural and identifiable feel. The mystery element is a welcome addition to Underground 35. It’s captivating and keeps the audience engaged, but also leads to some unfortunate plot decisions.

The main criticism I have with Underground 35 is with the lackluster ending. During the beginning of the film I really appreciated the down to earth feel of the story. It’s relatable and the love of theaters and movie making was greatly appreciated. During the middle of the film, when introducing more eccentric characters, I naturally started to guess what might happen to Eric. Unfortunately, the ending was too predictable for my taste. I felt a curveball was needed to nail the ending. Not something to throw off the naturalistic storyline, but something different than the fastball that was thrown.

Overall, Underground 35 was an enjoyable and entertaining watch. The acting and direction gave the film a relatable feel while the mystery carried my interest throughout. The ending left a little to be desired but didn’t ruin the journey. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys multi genre films with witty dialogue and unique characters. 

I give Underground 35 4 out of 6 reels

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