The VHS Life W/ Fatal

Like most people that have an interest in VHS Tapes I grew up going to the mom and pop movie shops which lead to the Video Watch/Hollywood Video that I frequented often in my pre/early teens. Fast forward to the age of 31 when I caught wind that there was an Auction house in my hometown in which you could sell anything, after I sold off everything I wanted to get rid of I found myself needing more stuff to sell so I began Junk Picking.

After ‘picking’ for a few months, I put a box of Horror VHS tapes up for auction that only yielded 9 dollars. Which was fine, but I had some tapes that I just couldn’t part with for change. So upon some web searching for the tape “Death Spa” I came across an Amazon listing of 80 dollars which struck my interest.

So I dug further into the web on the topic of VHS tapes which brought me to the FB VHS Tape groups. I trolled the pages for a month until I felt confident enough to ask 40 dollars for my copy of Death Spa which sold quickly. Then I went ahead and sold more of my tapes and made way more than I ever expected to, proving to be easier and more enjoyable than junk picking. So I began hunting for tapes instead, Its been over a year now and I’m still hunting and selling tapes.

…thus my life has become A VHS LIFE.

Check out every episode of my series Below:
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