The VHS Review Show – Michael Edition

Hello ‘Slicers. It’s Michael Welborn here. I’m addicted to VHS tapes. It’s something about the way the it feels in my hand as I slide the sleeve from the tape— It’s the way an old tape smells– It’s the vintage design style of the campiest films and videos I can find– and most importantly, it’s the nostalgia of the electricity in the air and the bleeding desaturated colors, flickering with distortion.

There’s just something about the VHS aesthetic that I can’t resist.

I wanted to share some of my bizarre tapes with the CinemaSlice audience, in the hopes they appreciate the content as much as I do! In doing so, I’ve developed a full 16 episode season for your enjoyment! LINK HERE

My approach is to not include my face on-screen, as this is not a series about myself– but about these VHS Tapes. The first half of the show includes my observations of the tape box and the artwork. The last half focuses on clip from the tape along with my commentary. Finally I end each episode using the Reel Rating System to give it my final stamp.

What do you think of the first season of The VHS Review Show – Michael Welborn addition?

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I make stuff that people don't like or watch.

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I make stuff that people don't like or watch.