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It’s my pleasure to welcome you to CinemaSlice.com!

Entertaining interesting people is our goal! We’ve gone through several website configurations (This is #4!), and numerous contributors (TOO MANY CONFIGURATIONS TO KEEP TRACK OF!), and NOW we are ready to invite you into our world!

CinemaSlice has made a pledge to collaborate with creative contributors to develop entertaining original content for your faces! This include original music, films and videos, graphics, animations, skits, downloads, articles, interviews, reviews, and MORE!

Peruse our content, and have a look around! 

If you see something you like, LET US KNOW! Hate everything you see? GET BENT! –OR make something better… seriously! Do you have a great idea? Do you have existing content that would fit within the CinemaSlice cannon? DROP US A LINE!

Check back often for new films, videos, series, interviews, and reviews!


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Nic White

Program Director at CinemaSlice
Just your typical independent filmmaker, animator, vfx specialist, and creative content developer! I enjoy long walks on the beach while staring into my cell-phone screen and watching episodes of Black Mirror. #SupportIndependentFilmmaking

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