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What Comes Out”, a short horror film written and directed by Josh Kaukl from Somatoform Films, tells the story of Dana (Nora Kaukl). Dana is constantly frightened throughout her everyday life, whether it be by her jump scare prankster husband (Josh Kaukl) or other irrational fears, like scary movies or darkened closets. As we follow Dana through her day we find out that maybe these irrational fears may turn out to be the most rational thing to be scared of after all.

TRAILER “WHAT COMES OUT” from josh kaukl on Vimeo.

What Comes Out” is a masterclass in great short form horror storytelling. A seemingly basic concept as someone being scared builds over the course of roughly 9 minutes to a finale that is thoroughly horrifying as well as satisfying. The middle of the film is where this tension really starts to build. A series of short lingering camera shots that follow Dana through a darkened house had my eyes pouring over every inch of the screen. These shots were very reminiscent to scenes in John Carpenters “Halloween”, when your brain told you to look for Michael Meyers at every possible moment.

And then there is that final act. Just absolutely phenomenal. For any horror fan that remembers the first time they saw the Xenomorph in “Alien”, or the final form of Brundlefly in “The Fly”, will also remember the end of “What Comes Out” for quite awhile.

5 out of 6 Reels

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