Midland Street Wicked

Midland Street Wicked (2017) is the third release in the CinemaSlice Indy Film Spotlight series! We’re pleased to present this creepy horror independent film by Even Keel productions!



Log Line

“Wouldn’t you just die to be with the woman of your dreams? You might just get your chance…”



Midland Street Wicked tells the tale of a group of women with a few dark secrets. A demonic pair of sunglasses give the owner a powerful charisma and charm. The unintended consequence of wearing these shade? An insatiable blood lust.



Behind the Scenes

  • CinemaSlice was involved with the original film score (Austin Riley) and the Editing (Nic White) of this independent film.
  • Midland Street Wicked is the second installment in the “Killer Shades” trilogy of film shorts by Even Keel Productions. The films follow a pair of sunglasses, commissioned by a demon, the Woman in Black, that gives the owner a great deal of dark power. Unfortunately, it rarely turns out well for the owners of the glasses.
  • Each individual short follows the plight of the glasses owner.
  • Eventually EKP hopes to tie all three shorts into a feature film.
  • Midland Street Wicked first premiered on the big-screen at the Bump int he Night Film Festival in 2017.

(Poster Artwork by CinemaSlice contributor Ken Leinaar!)



  • Laci Jo Stanton
  • Angela Box
  • Shea Kindle
  • Casey Weishuhn
  • Mark Klemish
  • Chris Fernette
  • Bruce Falcon
  • Alex Alexandrou
  • Karlie Van Poppelen
  • Emily Roszatycki
  • Jodi Royal
  • Kyle Blari

Cinematography by: Brian Donaldson, Colton Hayward

Assistant Director: Kari Houle Newton

Director/Producer: Wade Lodewyk

Director: Brian Donaldson, Colton Hayward

Editor/VFX: Nic White

Additional VFX by: Zachary Deering

Film Composer: Austin Riley

Tag Phrases

“Killer Shades” – “Wicked” – “Horror”- “Midland Street Wicked”

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