X-Mas Music Mixtape 2017 – Review

The X-mas Music Mixtape is a combo of classic holiday song covers and original tunes done in various musical genres. Rap, metal and punk are just some of styles you’ll hear as you go on this non-traditional Christmas journey.

CinemaSlice is putting out a Christmas record and if Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” isn’t your jam, then THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU.

There is a lot to enjoy here

My personal favorites were the fuzzed-out, jangly cover of “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Anchors Aweigh and the heavy version of Winter Wonderland called MetalWonderland by Johnny ZERO. I am also going to include an honorable mention to the darkest Christmas song I’ve ever heard “Violent Night” by Ray Elfman (imagine if Patrick Bateman from American Psycho wrote a Christmas song).

Some of the songs that didn’t work for me but still may be enjoyable for others would be the cover “Away in a Manger” by Bear and “Break in it’s Christmas” by David Waldman.

So if you want to learn how Nicholas met Rudolf (“Nich and Rudy” by David Waldman), rock out to some holiday punk (“Holidays” by Desiring Dead Flesh), or jam to some Christmas horrorcore (“The Naughty List” by Kid Krusher) then give this festive album a listen.

Download The X-mas Music Mixtape for free by clicking HERE!

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