Breaking Bad: Walter’s Journey, Background Information & The Success

A walk through “Breaking Bad” road

An American television Breaking Bad produced by Vince Gilligan. The genre of the series is Neo-Western crime drama. The series is about the transformation of a chemistry teacher Mr. Walter White into a Meth drug dealer.

Walter’s Journey

He was driven to the desire for providing financial support to the family and ended up enjoying the side gig. Initially, it began with producing small batch of meth with former student Jesse Pinkman and disturbing at ground level. Walter eventually took the name “Heisenberg” and expands the selling due to the high demand of special blue meth that considered to be the purest in the market.

Breaking Bad: Walter's Journey, Background Information & The Success

Later Walter finds himself in a odd position to handle the genre of the underworld. He further died happily navigating his life through the underworld. The series is shot in New Mexico portraying high culture of the place. The journey of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White started in January 20th, 2008 and the success of the series stretched the seasons till 26th September 2013.

Background Information of Breaking Bad

The series may seem typical Underworld Drama show of Netflix, and some may even avoid it because it’s 7-8 year old but it has won over 100awards. During the release of breaking bad the time was hyped up because of cable TVs but it found its way to rock today’s OTT platform as well. The series got a lot of fame to Vince Gilligan. The series is filled with a lot of unexpected thrills, turnings, ups and downs. It never lacked in amazing the audience, not even at the end. The climax brought tears in eyes and a smile of satisfaction.

Breaking Bad: Walter's Journey, Background Information & The Success

The success of Breaking Bad

Almost 10years passed still the legacy of Breaking Bad rule the series’ world. Suggesting Breaking Bad to people with some spicy interests will never fade away. It won’t disappoint you, trust me!

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