Classroom of The Elite Season 2 – Release Date: Plot & Cast

Classroom of The Elite brief

Before knowing will Classroom of The Elite season 2 be aired, let’s look into the brief of this anime. Classroom of The Elite is an adaptation of Japanese light novel series by Shunsaku Tomose, It is a psychological thriller anime. Later Yuyu Ichino gave it to manga for illustrating. The novel concluded in the year 2019 while the first season was aired in 2017, It was a television series version.

Will Classroom of The Elite season 2 be on air?

For Classroom of The Elite manga, the version has 16 volumes. Out of which the first season only covered 3 manga books. There are 13 more volumes are left. It’s a clear indication that there isĀ  a possibility of more than 2 seasons.

Classroom of The Elite season 2

But no one can ensure that there won’t be any twist. The first question arises why is it taking so long for the second season to get aired? There are possibilities the first season was made just for the promotion propose of the light novel. Or the second reason one can think about is the mangas didn’t do well as much as it was expected.

What Classroom of The Elite season 2 would look like!

The anime has taken the standards of the school life to the next level. The second season will follow up from 4th volume of manga. The students presumed to be divided on the basis of their zodiac sign. Thrilling, isn’t it? The task is survival and the challenge is the brain capacity. As each group i.e. 12 people with same zodiac sign. The second season is expected to be filled with twists, turns and unexpected scenarios. Main Characters from the first season will continue appearing in the second part too.

After the hit of first season and constant demand for season 2 from the audience, there is high chance of part 2 release. Let’s sit back and hope it comes out soon with added thrills and chills.


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