Kenja No Mago Season 2: Plots & Release Date

The discussion on Kenja No Mago season 2 fairly increased after its season 1 hit. Kenja No Mago (trans. Wise Man’s Grandchild) is a Japanese novel targeting primarily high school and middle school students. The author of the novel is Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustration is done by Seiji Kikuchi. Enternbrain acquired it in 2015. The 11 volumes of the novel have been published ever since. Season 1 of the anime aired on 10th April 2019 comprising 12 episodes. While the anime and manga received a lot of love and appreciation from the fans, but the novel and the mobile game did not receive very well from the audience.

The plot of the Kenja No Mago seasons

The plot of the story revolves around the rebirth of a salaried employee who dies young in an accident and takes a new lifeform in a world engulfed with magic, mystics, and mysterious demons. In this new magical world, he is adopted by The Wise Man i.e. Merlin Walford. He names newborn child Shin Walford. For fifteen years Merlin secludes himself and Shin from the outside world to live life in the woods.

Kenja No Mago season 2

Merlin is very famous in the entire kingdom of Earlshide as a national hero for his patriotic acts. He uses his years of experience to train Shin in the ways of magic and martial arts. While Shin shines to be a gifted individual in physical arts, he lacks basic common sense. At the age of fifteen, he enrolls into Earlshide’s Magic Academy to hone his craft and develop socially. The story primarily then revolves around his journey at the academy, how me makes friends, enemies and everything in between.

Speculation on the release of Kenja No Mago season 2

The first season contains 12 episodes that cover the first 3 volumes of the manga. There are 12 volumes in the manga version. There is enough material to make an action-packed season 2. The release of season 2 can be in 2022. When we look down to the numbers, it is very skeptical to say if there will actually be a season 2.


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