KonoSuba season 3 Release date: Important Updates & Preview

KonoSuba Season 3 Release date?

After a massive hit on KonoSuba season 1 and season 2, audiences are keenly waiting for KonoSuba season 3. Although it has took a long break after season 2, there are still varied speculations about season 3 release. The last season dropped in 2017. After that the author of the series Mr. Akatsuki had withdrawn his collaboration with the animator. Later in the followed month the author published a note expressing his desire to collaborate again.

Plots of KonoSuba season 1 & 2

KonoSuba is fantastic parody of isekai anime. It consist humor. The story is centric to a group of people. These people are usually outlined in the society or in other groups. All such misfits team up and carry out an adventurous party. The anime boosts up when the main protagonist Kazuma Satou (teenage hikikomori) dies.  He soon meets an Aqua Goddess, who offers two options to him.

KonoSuba season 3

The first one is to go to the heaven and the second is to help her defeat the Demon king entering the real life RPG game. He is given a choice to pick any one character he wants to, along the journey. The protagonist picks the second option and soon releases that The Aqua Goddess lacks intelligence and luck.  The kick in the whole two season is that the game is far more dangerous than it looks in RPG game. As the second season ends abruptly with half conclusion there are words for release of the 3rd season.

What KonoSuba season 3 can be about?

In the end of the second season the party kills the general of Demon king. The 3rd season may contain serious aftermath of General’s defeat. They can also be expected to encounter the Demon’s King and final climax can be predicted as them being part of the royal family. The season has heavy presumption attached with it already. Hence stay tuned for the best climax possibly released.




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