No Game No Life Season 2: Updates & Plots

Even though there is no release of no game no life season 2, there was a movie released named no game no life: zero. Madhouse produced the movie version of no life no game. It also produced the anime series in 2014. No game no life is an adaptation of a Japanese light novel.  The movie released in 2017. It is based on the sixth volume of the novel.

Is there be any No Game No life season 2?

The first season does not cover many adventures. In the first season, there are only 12 episodes. The first season does not cover the battle with the God of games.  In season 1 a tournament takes place to decide the future ruler of the game. But there is also a controversial side of no life no game. In 2014 the novel and the author came into the limelight not because of the first season but for allegations of plagiarism. The controversy started after the release of the first season. This can be the reason for no airing of season 2.

no game no life season 2

Possible Plots of season 2

The series is about two siblings and some group of unbeatable gamers. They fight in the tournament to defeat the God of the game and take over the thrown. While the first season only covered a brief idea about Disboard and the tournament. The two siblings only defeated ted so far. There are many more plotlines remaining to follow before one of the siblings takes up the throne. It been over six years since the first part released. The audience is still not losing hope because there has been no official statement passed on the season 2 ban.

The series is available on various platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc. Anime forms a world different world together. The number of people taking interest in anime is increasing, which is why many OTT platforms push to get more new anime series.


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