One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: Updates, Cast Plots

One punch man season 3: Release Date?

Release of one punch man season 3 is yet to be confirmed. Before season 3, season 2 dropped in the year 2019 and received tremendous success. While the season 2 was released after a long break. It took 4 years after the first part was aired. Hence the idea about season 3 to get released so early is skeptical. Still anime enthusiast are keenly waiting for the 3rd part to step in the OTT platform.

one punch man season 3

Why is one punch man so famous?

One punch man is based on the manga created by the artist ONE. The success of the anime mostly goes to the producer Nobuyuki Hosoya. The genre of the anime can be described as action, gag comedy and superhero. The genre of the anime seemingly attracted the youths. One punch man is a Japanese superhero franchise. The story is about an extra ordinary person who can defeat any powerful entity with just one punch. The extraordinary superhero i.e. the main protagonist is Saitama. He started the heroic act out of curiosity and own enjoyment. But his overwhelming power left him in boredom.

What one punch man season 3 will bring on plate?

All we can expect from season 3 is more action and thrills than the previous seasons. Audience are existed to watch the fight between Saitama and Garou (the villain). According to the news Garou will be given more screen focus as compared to any other characters associated to Saitama. Fans can also expect to see The Monster King in the upcoming season. One can ensure season 3 will come up with fascinating storyline, giving the anime more audience and fame. 2021 might bring everyone some amazing news.

More anime briefings on the way to keep you pumped up throughout this difficult phase. Stay tuned!


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